The first session is preceded by a 30-40 minute review of your health history.  By asking questions about various aspects of your health, I can get an idea of what underlying causes might be contributing to your symptoms.  The review of systems is followed by a traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis.  The color, moisture, shape and coating of your tongue give many clues as to the state of your internal organs and any imbalances present there.  Reading the pulses at 3 positions on each wrist yields even more information.

The acupuncture treatment will consist of inserting needles in a number of points and then stimulating them gently.  This opens up the circulation in the area and improves blood flow, hastening the body’s natural healing process.  The needles stay in for 20-30 minutes.  I will communicate with you during the treatment, letting you know what I am doing and making sure everything feels comfortable.  TDP mineral plate heat lamps are usually used on the feet or lower back to increase circulation and warm up the body as it relaxes.  You can choose to listen to music or relax in silence.  This is your time to rest, breathe, and feel the energy begin to shift.  The points may feel warm or tingly during the treatment, and you may feel your muscles releasing tension.  You may get very drowsy or even fall asleep.

Your comfort is a priority for me; thus, I only work with one person at a time, so that you can get my full attention. I welcome any questions that may arise during the session.

All needles at Heavenly Stems Acupuncture are sterile, disposable, and individually packaged.


Patient receiving acupuncture